Sunday, September 25, 2011

Estate Sales

One blog {of the many} that I read is Maple and Magnolia.  The woman who writes it has often mentioned going to estate sales.  I'd never been to one but was getting curious.  One post she mentioned how you could find estate sales in your area.  So I did and went to my first one a few months ago.  It was put on by a company and held in their warehouse.  It was so cool!  It was filled with all kinds of vintage goodies.  I got my mom's birthday present, a vintage washboard, and I don't remember what else.

Since then I've been to 2 more.  One a few weekends ago with my best friend who was in town visiting. This one was at house.  I didn't get anything super exciting, but I did find a wreath box to store my growing wreath collection in. 

This last weekend I went to my 3rd one.  My favorite yet!  It was in the warehouse again.  I found lots of goodies and remembered to take pictures this time.  Here are my treasures!

There was a huge jar of vintage thread and I snatched it up. And they are all on wooden spools! {with the exception of like 2}

I love all the colors.  It makes me happy to look at all my pretty thread.

 I loved looking at the labels and reading the old prices on them.  I wish thread was still 15 cents!

For $15 I snagged 100 spools of gorgeous vintage thread!  That's only 15 cents a spool- vintage prices. A steal!  If you know what a spool of thread costs now, then you know.  A couple are still wrapped in plastic, never used at all.  And lots of them still have a ton of thread left.  I plan on using it too.  I won't have to buy thread for a long time now hopefully.   I should have most any color I could ever want.

I also got these 3 spools in the mix.  2 of them are empty.  Anyone know why someone would put nails like this in a spool of thread???
**UPADTED- someone kindly told me that these are used for spool knitting.  Interesting!  I knew there had to be a purpose for them.**

My next find was this little aqua Ball mason jar.  I love these and collect them.   It was $5 which is a little more that I'd usually pay, but I'd never seen one this small before and couldn't resist the little cutie!

 I got this set of 10 vintage napkins for $1.60.  I can't wait to decide what to do with all fabric.  Maybe some Spring pillows? A bunting?  What would you do/sew with it?!?!

This isn't really vintage, but I am SO excited about this find!  I've been wanting a cake pan with a lid for-evah.  I have a cupcake pan that has a lid and it's sooo nice.  But whenever I make a cake we have to cover it with foil.  It gets ripped and eventually sags and messes up the cake.  Plus someone indefinitely doesn't cover it properly.  It's just a mess and annoying.   I got this bad boy for only $3!!! It is in amazing condition.  It doesn't look like it had even been used.  Score.  It's a little ridiculous has excited I am about cake pan and lid, but man, it's the little things I tell ya!

 Plus, it's the exact same pan and lid that my mom has had for years.  Now we're matching Mom! :)

Have you ever been to an estate sale?  Any good thrifty finds lately?


Courtney B said...

AWESOME!! I would LOVE to go to an estate sale sometime!

Ali Richardson said...

YAY!!! I love estate sales and have gotten some awesome treasures too!! I use a site called and it tells me where are the sales are in the area. I love all of your awesome thread, that little mason jar, and the cake pan!! great scores! I would say my favorite estate sale find to date would be a pretty caned chair for $10 or a set of vintage bird flashcards for $3. Rummaging through other people's junk just makes me feel happy :)

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Awesome scores Jenna! I love that tiny Ball jar...I would have paid 5 for that too!

Elizabeth said...

Hi there! Your blog is part of my DIY/thrifty decorating rotation. I normally don't comment but I wanted to explain the nails in the thread spool. I actually had forgotten about this until I saw that photo! My mom taught me how to "spool knit" when I was young and all those memories just came rushing back to me!! Thanks for posting.

Elizabeth said...

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