Thursday, September 15, 2011


I had the best of intentions to update you with what my projects were a couple weekends ago... Yeah that didn't' happen.  And sorry to tell you it's not to happen right now either.  That would require me actually taking the pictures and then uploading them and all.  Which sounds too hard right now, haha.

I've been quite the slacking blogger lately.  I think I'm lacking inspiration.  Or motivation.  Or BOTH.  Yeah, I think it's probably both.  Anyone have some good advice?!  What do you do to kickstart a good post?  I'm tired.  That's all for now.  Here are some recent pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)

At 12 months Grayson is quite the busy boy!  {I'm sure I've said that before, but it's very true and worth repeating.}  These are the kind of shots I get half the time because he's moving too fast for me to catch him looking at the camera.
 Along with that, as you see above, comes a nakey boy running around the house because he won't sit still long enough for a diaper change, let alone putting his clothes on.

A rare quiet moment watching one of his Baby Einstein movies.  He looks so big and grown up sitting there on the couch.  Aghh, stop growing Grayson!

Cudding with his lovey- Growler bear.

I just love this picture.  So much.

me and my sweet baby boy :)


Betsey Rhames said...

I love my sweet daughter and her sweet boy!

Ali Richardson said...

So adorable Jenna, he is just precious! Hang in there friend, we've all gone through those times. I go through them pretty regularly...sometimes it's just too much!! You'll get your mojo back soon, and when you do, get to work! Fall is almost here :)

Shelley said...

He really is growing so fast! It seems like yesterday that you were pregnant!!