Friday, September 30, 2011

Apple Picking

Last weekend we got to go to Boyd's Orchard for some apple picking!  I'd never been before and it was really neat.  We went with some friends and had a lot of fun. 

Yes, it was an apple orchard, but they also had pumpkins too.  We might go back later to pick our own pumpkin!

Amanda and Camden.  Isn't he a doll?!

Our friends Amanda, Mat, and little Camden baby. :)

 Then we thought, "hey that's a good idea, let's copy!"

Grayson just loved having Daddy pull him around in the wagons they have there.  They are supposed to be for hauling your apples/pumpkins.  We did that too.

"No, this way Auntie Angelyn!"

Grayson knew what to do with those apples.

He picked some really good ones for us!

I helped a little too. ;)

The men were excellent apple pickers, as you can see.

Josh- "Honey, do I have to do this?"
 Me- "Yes."

 What little cutie pies! {the babies, haha}

 I think Gray really wanted a pumpkin.

 Me and my baby :)

 We put this cute candy corn hat on the little boys.  I loved it!  Mom, can you make one for Gray please?!

 I might of liked it more than Grayson...

We had a great day at the orchard!  We are definitely going again.  :)


Ali Richardson said...

Looks like such a fun day!!! Your fam is to cute Jenna!!!

The Daytons said...

We just went to an apple orchard yesterday! Aren't they so fun! I think we may have a new fall tradition!

Lindsay said...

Hey--just wanted to let you know that you WON my Shaklee giveaway! Congrats! Send me your email so I can pass it along!

Amber said...

Fun! We've never been to Boyd's Orchard. Looks like a great time!

Betsey Rhames said...

What cut pictures, Papa would be proud! Wish I could have been there. I don't know if I'll have time to make the hat though.

Anonymous said...

Adorable pics! Especially the one of the little man grabbing that big ol apple! And I love the candy corn hats. Can I have one too, mom? :0) Happy Fall!!!

Bemily said...

Grayson is getting so big. What a sweet boy. We'll have to go with you next time!