Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Have a Toddler!

Since my baby turned one I'm having a hard time not saying "my baby" anymore.  He is an energetic and full of life toddler now.  I can't really believe it.  I love him to bits and pieces.  And he is giving me a huge grin while playing with Daddy that melts my heart as I type this.

{I love this picture.  It is a very rare moment that my boy will cuddle with me.  This was right after his nap.}

{L- sticking out his tongue  R- clapping}

Here are some of Grayson's newest tricks:
signing lots! such as- more, eat, all done, please, shoes, and wash hands {He picked up those last 2 on his own by watching his Baby Signing Time movies.  The other ones we've also practiced a lot as well as being on the movies.}
he folded his arms for prayers for the first time yesterday!

{he loves to drink out of big people cups}

On a less happy note, he's pretty much stopped taking his second nap so he's down to just 1 nap a day.  Which wouldn't be so bad if it was long like everyone says happens when they switch to 1 nap.  Nope, not for him.  Sometimes it's even shorter than when he had 2, ugh!  I'm having a hard time getting things done lately.  I have lots of things I'd love to blog about, but I can't find the time.  I don't know how all you other moms do it.  Anyways, not complaining, just sayin'!  I love my little Gray so much and am so happy to get to be his mommy. :)

{when clapping he usually he has his mouth open while doing it, funny kid!}

Grayson absolutely LOVES the ducks that live near our house.  He can "say" quack quack.  It's really cute.  He will run to the door and say quack quack.  That means he wants to go see the ducks.  We probably go to the duck pond at least once a day most every day to feed the ducks.  I love that my baby toddler loves something so much and that it makes him so happy!

{looking for the ducks}

He can also "say" cracker.  But it doesn't sound like cracker.  It kinda sounds like "cak cak" lol. 

I love my toddler!

I'll end with a few recent Grayson movies for your enjoyment. I know my family has been wanting to see some. :)
{laughing at Daddy}



{in the pantry}


The Daytons said...

Okay that is the most adorable laugh! I love it! Look how big he is! I think that he and Owen would get along quite nicely now:) They would probably get into lots of trouble together, partners in crime!

Grace said...

Jenna, I know this is not what your post is about at all but I have to have the cutest clothes!! You look so nice in all of these pictures! Grayson is pretty adorable too :)

Ali Richardson said...

Oh Jenna, he is sersously so adorable!! He'll always be your baby boy, even when he's all grown up! At least that's what my mom always tells my little brother who is like 29 years old. Ha ha!

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Um...when the heck did he get so big?!?!?! They just grow up too fast.

Kristina @ A Home Made by Kiki said...

What a cutie!! I am so glad that you are enjoying every moment...they go by so quickly. I don't have a toddler anymore...she is a preschooler now...sigh.