Sunday, January 9, 2011

Big Boy!

Grayson turned 4 months over Christmas break.  I can hardly believe how big he is getting.  He used to look so tiny in his big crib, but he doesn't look that way anymore!  *sigh*  I've been meaning to do a 4 months post on him when I realized I'd never even done 3 months. 

So first we're going back to 3 months before I forget all the things he started doing.  Gray began to get a voice around then.  He started making noises and "talking" to himself.  It is so cute.  He also started to make this spitting noise when he was frustrated.  Or happy sometimes.  But mostly frustrated.  He began laughing as well.  I love hearing him laugh.  It's one of the sweetest sounds ever.  Last but not least, he started being able to grab things pretty well. 

Here is a video of Josh making him laugh.

He is 4 months old now and growing fast.  He rolled over for the first time a few days ago!  I was right there holding the video camera and I got it!  He had tried 2 times right before and then the 3rd time was a charm.   I was pretty surprised.  I figured it would take a couple days at least from his first attempt.  I guess he's pretty advanced. ;)  He also just started grabbing his feet, playing with them, and sticking his right foot in his mouth.  He always does this when I'm changing his diaper as well as other random times.  One more new thing for him so far is that he started eating rice cereal.  He made some pretty funny faces at first but he's got the hang of it now and enjoys eating it. 

Here is the video of him rolling over the first time. 

I'll end with a few pictures that Josh's sister Julie took over Christmas break.  
{She's a great photographer!}

This is the WHOLE family. {on my hubby's side}  It was a miracle we got everyone including the little ones all looking!

My happy, little family!
 My sweet baby Gray

{Thanks for the amazing pics Julie!}


Amber said...

Absolutely adorable pictures!!! Gray is such a cutie. I just love the video of him laughing. I'm pretty sure that a baby laugh is the best sound in the world!