Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Organizing Challenge- Day 5,6, 7, & 9

So yeah.  I'm behind.  
BUT I'm more behind in posting than the actual challenges.  
{Even though I'm behind in those too}

So instead of doing super deatailed posts, like I'd like to do, I'm just giong show you a bunch of before and after pictures.  
{Otherwise I'll never get caught up on posting!}

Here goes!

Day 5- Under the kitchen sink

I almost skipped this one.  Under my sink is scary!  For real.  It doesn't have a bottom or sides.  It's unfinished.  {We're renting, can't do much about it}  So it's this massive, dark, dirty space and I'm sure it's infested with spiders and other yucky bugs. 

{Even though I don't see them, other than the occasional spider, I know there must be more.  It seems like a bug haven!}
And I HATE bugs. Loathe.  Despise. *shiver*

Anyways, I worked up my courage and tackled the space.

And I'm so glad I did.  This is one of my favorite transformations so far.  It's just, well... you'll see!

{I put so much on that ledge in front cause I didn't want to have to reach into the scary cabinet}

All emptied out- scary looking, huh?! 

Containerizing everything. 

 I was able to get rid of some stuff in here that we NEVER use.


I love it now.  I'm less scared to reach in for things because they're all organized in bins and such and not touching the yucky floor. 
{I'm weird, I know}
And since this picture, I put a hook on the inside of the cabinet door to hang the dustpan on.  Then I put those 2 Lysol products that are on the ledge inside the bucket {since there was more space without the dust pan}.  So it's even better than this picture- which is already pretty great!

Once more, with a side by side before and after

Ok, so that wasn't as short as I'd like... but these next ones will be!  I have some organizing to go do.

Day 6- Dresser

Emptied out the drawers, got rid of stuff, and folded back nicely.  This one wasn't too hard.
{Note- I'm only showing one drawer of mine and one of Josh's.  But they were all done}



 And a before and after of the top of the dresser

Day 7- The Pantry

This one took the longest so far, but has the BEST before and after.  Promise!

First off, this is to show you the size of our pantry.  See the fridge to the left?  See the pantry doors?  
Yeah.  It's small.  
You have to bend down reach in there.  But at least we have one!  I'm grateful for that. 

{boy did we need this challenge!}

Left is the corner of the pantry and the right pic is the view straight on.


I got it all emptied out...

And then my kitchen/dining room looked like this... for a good day and a half!

After lots of organizing bins and trips to Wal-Mart it now looks like...


Left- corner       Right- straight on 

Before and After

Pretty amazing, eh?
I think so.

Day 9- Toys

So We don't have lots of toys to organize.  Gray is only 4 months and has like one small basket in his room and that's it. 
So I chose a totally different space to organize.
My baker's rack!

Here's the before.
  And After

In that left basket I put Gray's bibs, the right is for magazines, and the top is just random.

 Here are the drawers.  Left- random.  Right- table linens. 

Before and After

It's doesn't look too different, but I'm super happy with it.  The bottom shelves drove me crazy with how ugly and unorganized they were.

Ok that's it for now. 
I have one more set of pictures for day 10, but I'll have to post it later.  

Did you notice I had no day 8? Anyone?
Good job if you did! You deserve a prize.
It was supposed to be the coat closet, but we don't have one. 
So I skipped it.  I didn't feel like choosing a different closet.  I have a feeling that will be a later challenge anyhow. 


Shelley said...

Wow, that's impressive! You can come organize for us anytime :-)

Grace said...

wow good job jenna!! it all looks so good! i especially love your baker's's so cute and i love the baskets that you added!

A Home Made by Kiki said...

Wow!! You have been BUSY!! I know how good it feels when you organize different areas in your home. Thanks for linking up at A Home Made by Kiki!!

Leanne said...

Your organizing looks great, especially the pantry. I'm hosting We're Organized Wdnesday through Saturday and would love for you to join the party if you get the chance.