Monday, January 24, 2011

Motto for 2011


I often need to remind myself to step back, take a breath, look at the big picutre, and simplify!
I'm constantly thinking I can do more than I can and over complicating things.  So when I saw this vinyl decal for a measly $6 (normally $16, on sale for $8 right now here) on a Groopdealz one day, I knew that was going to be my motto/goal for this year.  

On a side note, I totally decided I was going with gray before seeing this post on the website that sells the decals.  Just so you know.
So I finally got around to making the board to display it.  I bought a 2x4 at Lowes and had them cut it.

Then I sanded the boards and primed gave up trying to prime cause it wasn't working.

I used this beauteous gray paint.

And then painted a few coats on my boards.  Oh yeah, I made two.  One for me and one for a birthday present for someone else.  I don't think she reads my blog, but just in case, I won't say her name my sis-in-law Jen!

Finally, I applied the vinyl!
Here's how it turned out.

And I distressed it with some sandpaper too.  I really like how it turned out!
Here are a couple close-ups of the distressing.

What do you think?

Now all I need to do is to decide where to put it...  Wanna help?  Good!
Tell me which place you vote for!

On top of the fridge

 On the baker's rack

On bookshelf #1

On top of bookshelf #1

On bookshelf #2

On bookshelf #2 near the bottom

For real I need help, me and the hubby are sooo indecisive!  
{plus, he probably could care less where it goes}
So leave a comment and let me know. :)

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Megan said...

Very cute! I vote for the baker's rack - I think it stands out really nicely. My second pick would be the bookshelf #2.

Jenni said...

I like the baker's rack. :) I love that this is your motto. A few days ago, my mom told me that it is her motto too! When she found out she had cancer, she and my dad decided that they needed to pick a talk to have as their motto for the year. They picked the Good, Better, Best. Then they picked out one word from the talk that stood out to them. SIMPLIFY. So they have it on their mirror now. Such a great motto! Love it!

The Reynolds said...

Dito on the baker's rack! It was made for that spot!

Amber said...

I say the baker's rack as well. It turned out soooo cute. Nice work!

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

I say bakers rack or top of bookshelf 1. I also think that mocving it around would help keep it fresh and always in your mind:)

Great job on the distressing and that color is devine!

Amanda said...

Baker's rack!

A Home Made by Kiki said...

Thanks for visiting me at A Home Made by Kiki! I vote for the baker's rack!! I'm definitely going to have to put something similar together and hang it over my "trouble with clutter" spot! I'm your newest follower now!

Michaela said...

Love this! Simple and adorable (:

The Daytons said...

Jenna! Apparently I think differently than everyone else as I like the bottom of book shelf 2 or the top of book shelf 1 for this sign! I must need a refresher in interior design since I'm the odd one out:) Also, I absolutely love that sign I might have to consider making one myself, I think yours turned out so cute! And thanks for the comment on my blog the other day, I'm so excited to see what is coming, since everything you make is so darn cute! Love ya!

Grace said...

I vote for the baker's rack or bookshelf #2. So cute!

DANA said...

Hello! I was stopping by from Making the World cuter and would love for you to enter my linky contest! The winner each month is showered with prizes and featured on my blog!

Me N My Thrifty Ideas said...

Baker's Rack for sure! Love it!! New follower here from Keeping It Simple!

Young and Crafty said...

This turned out great! I love the lettering and grey :)

Thanks for linking up to FFA!

Hannah @

Tasha said...

Looks great!That's my motto for 2011 also!! I vote for on top bookshelf! Thank you so much for linking up to DotDotDot, it totally made my day!!!
Thanks for sharing!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

I vote for the Baker's Rack! It looks lovely there! :) I saw these on Groopdealz... Now I'm wishing I got one since you made it look so great! haha! Thanks for linking to Fancy This Fridays! Hope to see you this week!