Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Haircut

My precious, little, sweet, wonderful, angel baby boy is growing so fast I can hardly believe it.  He'll be 5 months on Saturday.  He had his first haircut a couple days ago.  Most babies don't need haircuts before 5 months... Some babies still don't have much hair at all by 5 months.

Gray has quite the head of hair though, even as a newborn!  

Here are some very recent pictures of him before the haircut.
{So you can see how shaggy it'd gotten}

And then a haircut.

 No more hair covering those ears.

What a big boy and such a cutie pie!

{BTW I did NOT cut his hair.  A fabulous girl from my church did.}


Shelley said...

Great job on his haircut! What a cutie pie is right!!