Monday, January 10, 2011

Valentine's Decor Tutorial

Oh my gosh, another post, 2 days in a row.

Amazing.  I know.  {If you missed my post yesterday check it out, it's on my sweet little boy}

And... my first tutorial.  Woot woot.

So I made my first decoration for Valentine's Day.   I've never decorated for V-day before, but there are so many cute things you can make.  Plus, pink is my favorite color, ever!  So V-day is like perfect for me.

I made this to hang on my door.  Not a wreath this time.  I made a wreath for fall, Halloween, and winter.  I wanted something a little different.  Plus, it was super easy!

Like it? Wanna know how I did it? Ok.

Here is what I used.
Not pictured- paint, paint brush, glue gun, scissors, burlap

I got the wooden heart for 75 cents at a thrift store.  {score!}  I sanded it a bit.  You don't have to use a wooden heart.  Anything sturdy like a cardboard box cut in a heart shape would work.

Then painted the edges and the top.

 Next, I cut up a bunch of felt circles.  I used the bottom of my Mod Podge as a template for the first circle.  

Then I folded the circles in half and then in half again.  Then I put some hot glue on the bottom and glued it to the heart.  

Then do it again. and again. and again...  You get the picture.  Until it looks nice a pretty. Finally, I glue a strip of burlap on the back of the heart to hang it with.

See!?  Nice.

What do you think?  Have you been working on any Valentine's projects?


Anonymous said...

This very cute and I love the great deal you got on the heart! Isn't that the BEST!

Anonymous said...

i love it! so cute! i'm a medical school wife too! what year is your husband?

Jana said...

Turned out so super cute!! Come link up:

Tasha said...

SUPER Cute! I like the touch of the burlap too!! Thanks for linking up!
Have a great day!

Sandy said...

That is so cute!

Linda said...

Very very pretty door hanging.
Take care, Linda

DWYHomemaking said...

So cute! You should link this up at my linky party {every Monday}.