Monday, May 2, 2011

8 Months and Walking

Well... not walking walking but walking with a push toy!  YEP, my big 8 month old baby boy is doing more and more every day.  He turned 8 months on April 22 and that just sounds so big and not baby-like to me.  He doesn't look so little anymore. 

At 7 months he started pulling up on things and standing while holding on to stuff.  Now at 8 months he's cruising!  Walking along the furniture and going from thing to to thing.  He holds onto furniture {or whatever!} with one hand like a pro!  And like I mentioned at the beginning, he's walking with a push toy now!  I don't think it'll be too long before he's walking on his own.  Maybe 10 months will be my prediction.  Tell me what you think by voting in my poll to the right!  I only put answers up to 13 months.  So if he's older, which I doubt it'll take him longer than that, I'll eat my words.  And you all can comment about how wrong I was, haha!

Grayson is such an active boy!  When he's awake he loves to go and do and climb and crawl and everything.  He does NOT like to sit still or cuddle or chill.  The only exception is if he's watching one of his movies {Baby Einstein or Baby Signing Time}.  Trying to change his diaper is a royal pain in the booty!  He tries to roll over the entire time and whines and does NOT want to sit still for me to change him.  Same thing when I'm trying to get him dressed or undressed.  Oh boy, it's a struggle, let me tell you!  Sometimes I'll put on one of his movies for a couple minutes while I change him and get him dressed just so I can do it without a fight.  He'll just lay there calmly watching while I do it, it's great.  But otherwise, not so much!

Grayson is a morning person.  NOT at all like his mom and dad!  He wakes up in the morning happy and laughing and smiling and ready to play.  It's so cute and sweet.  I've had to become more of a morning person as a result.  Let me tell you, it does not come naturally for me.  I love my sleep.  Sleeping in is such a treat on the rare occasion I can on the weekends when Josh is home in the morning.  

Gray also can hold his bottle and sippy cup now on his own {that was actually @7 months}.  I love watching him hold his sippy and drink by himself.  It's so cute. 

He is not so much a fan of books.  I think that's because he doesn't like to sit still.  There are about 4 books he'll will sit still for.  And we have tried a lot of books with him!  He mostly pushes them away and tries to roll out of our laps. 

Josh and I have noticed that he understands a few words we say to him.  Like, "do you want a ba-ba?" {ba-ba means bottle} or, "come here" with the hand motions.  When we ask if he wants his bottle and he's hungry, he'll suddenly start making his hungry noises and spit out his pacifier if he has one. 

I love my little Gray soooo much!  I feel so blessed to be his mom and he is such a sweet boy.  I love watching him grow up right in front of me! LOVE you Gray!

Here's some video proof of Gray walking

One more walking video

Just for fun, laughing at dad, so cute!


The Daytons said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe he is so big! I really want to meet him soon! I totally remember this stage with Owen and the whole diaper changing thing, sorry to be the barer of bad news but Owen still hates it and usually it is a struggle still, haha. I guess it is a boy thing, they are just so darn active. What a cutie you have. Owen really wants to meet him!

Lauren said...

love it! thanks for posting videos! can't wait to see that cutie grayson soon!!

Angelyn said...

AHHHH NO! tell that active boy to calm down and stop trying to walk so much until is auntie Annalyn is there to watch!