Thursday, May 5, 2011

Project Purge

IHeart Organizing {such an awesome blog} did a Project Purge for the month of April to get rid of the excess clutter in our lives.  All those thing we don't need or use or want anymore that are just taking up precious space in our homes.  I previously posted about a few areas I decluttered.  {Read about them here and here} I had great intentions of continuing and doing a post per area but life happened.  So here's my one BIG post of everything I've purged so far throughout my house.

I did one room a day and went through every space in that particular room.  I looked at everything and went through all the boxes.  If we didn't use it or need it or hadn't used it in a year or more, it was gone!  Soon after starting this process, I began to build up quite a pile of stuff.  I was planning on donating the things in good condition, but as I saw how much I had I began to play around with the idea of a yard sale.  Then maybe I could get a little moo-lah from all my hard work of purging and organizing!  My SIL was already planning a yard sale, so I just asked if I could jump on with her and we could do it together.  Perfect! 

So here is what I've go so far for my yard sale.  I've gone through most places in my home, but I still have a few left. 

I have 2 boxes absolutely packed with books.  Mostly these books are from my teaching days {I taught 5th grade for a couple years before having my baby}.  I had 3 of these boxes full of books from my old classroom and decided to pare it down to 1 box of my absolute favorite books for my children's library.  {There are a few from my personal library I got rid of you can see in the box on the right.}

Here are some boxes of kitchen items, clothes, and other miscellaneous things. 

Here's a closer look of what's inside those boxes.
 And here is one big shot of a whole bunch of other crap I don't need/use/want anymore!
{It's all the stuff on the floor minus the jumperoo :)}

Anyone spot my little helping hand in the above picture?! :)  I had to snap that pic fast before he got into it all.

I'm also going to try and sell these 2 end tables that in my living room right now.
 I need to make room for 2 "new" ones I bought at a thrift store awhile back that I loooove. 

And also this chair.
Our living room is seeming more and more cramped to me.  Especially when we're playing with Grayson and/or our nephews in this room.  Not having that chair will really open the space up.  The chair is in really good condition too.  It's the least worn piece of the set {couch, love seat, chair}.  I'm hoping someone will want to give it a good home!

So that's what I've purged so far.  It's a pretty good amount.  Considering this Project Purge started out as a "get rid of 30 items in 30 days" project.  I've definitely got 30 items in there!


Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Wow! That's going to be a pretty good yard sale:)

Angelyn said...

OMG I can't believe you're getting rid of Disney Princess Memory!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That holds so many memories for you and Joshua!

Cari Marino said...

Hey doll! Um so I'm loving those pillows in the picture! How much you want for them? :)