Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a Deal!

There is an awesome deal going on that I found out about today on SaveMore.com! This is one of those daily deals sites that seem to be coming out of the wood works now.

You can get FREE Jamberry Nail Sheilds if you sign up today!  
Yeah, free.  
Pretty sweet, huh?

So this only works for new sign ups because when you sign up you get a free $10 credit to use on their site.  That alone is pretty cool.  But their deal for the Jamberry Nail Shields is $7.50 for  $15.00 worth of product (which is one set of the nail shields).  So when you put your $10 credit towards it, it becomes free!  (The credit is automatically applied when you click to buy them.)  And you have a $2.50 credit leftover for something in the future.  

I just did it and I'm pretty excited.  I have actually bought this exact same deal before but on Groopdealz.  So I have used these nail shields before and love them.  They are like a sticker that you trim and file to fit your nail and then use a blow dryer's heat to make them stick on.  They stick really well and I have had them for more than a month with the first set I did.  I actually have a set on now too!  I've had these for a few weeks now.

Pretty cute, huh?!

People compliment me a lot on them and ask if I got a pedicure.

Anyways, so you can go here to get this deal for free, no shipping or anything.  You really can't beat that!  And Jamberry has a ton of options for their nail shields.  It'll be hard for you to decide which one you want, for real.  I think I will get the slate and white houndstooth this time {the one on the top right}.  

Here are some of the choices-

The bottom right is one I have on now.  But there are LOTS more, I promise.  

*Side note- the Jamberry site is running real slow today.  I can hardly get on to see all choices.  Don't worry.  When you buy the deal here, it's like a voucher for the Jamberry site.  So you can use that voucher anytime until the end of this year.  So don't worry if you can't get on today.  Trust me, they have a bazillion cute choices!  Also, I just checked the deal site and it says the vouchers can be used the next day.  So you can't even use it to buy the shields today.  Don't miss out on the free voucher though!  You won't be sorry. :)


Megan Wynn Volnoff said...

I signed up, and can't wait to get mine!!! This is amazing!!