Friday, May 20, 2011

Easter... wait a sec... yep you read that right, EASTER

So I'm only like 4 weeks late.  

Big deal.  

I can't believe I forgot to blog about our Easter outfits!!!

So I'm doing it now.

My handsome guys on Sunday morning.  Look at that matching!

I'd never matched Josh and Gray before and let me tell you, it was so fun!  The pink shirts were a last minute decision, but I just LURVE how they look in them.

We tried to get a picture of us all at church, but Gray wouldn't look.  See?

Yep, I'm matching too.  Just not quite as well.  But it was still pretty good.

I'd found this tutorial {sorry I don't remember where anymore} of how to make matching father/son ties from 2 normal ties.  Basically you take one of the ties, tie it, cut it, and sew some elastic on for the little one.  Then they have matching ties and you only had to make 1!  Plus I found them on clearance at JC Penny for $4.98 each.  Um, what a steal!

So here is our second attempt at a family picture after church.
Much better!

How handsome are my boys?!

Oh and I made my skirt and necklace too.  The skirt tutorial is here and was surprisingly easy.  I just made the necklace with leftover fabric from the skirt.

Grayson loves to grabs leaves.

Do you love matching too?


The Daytons said...

Yea! Thank you Jenna! I told you people needed your blog for you good ideas. I have just been searching for an easy father son tie tutorial for Father's Day(shh...don't tell Ryan). Now, I know there is one out there somewhere and I going to search high and low for it. And, what a cute skirt, making one of those too! Yippee! Thanks for ending your lull in blogging. Now, I need to end mine I think!

Carolina said...

oh my goodness, those are some very cute family pictures!!! :) so wamr & loving!! such a beautiful family! hope you can check out my blog for some +vibes and happiness! also hosting a very cute giveaway! Xo.

Shelley said...

How cuuuute!! You are so good at being crafty!!

Betsey Rhames said...

I love the pictures. And happy 9 month birthday Grayson!!!

Courtney B said...

Your baby is so so SO cute!! I LOVE the matching outfits! Including your skirt and necklace!
I wish I could make something as cute as that! Sewing machines are NOT my friends!