Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Yep, no computer. How am I posting this you ask? On my ipad2. I LOVE my little tax return present, but it's not so great for blogging. It probably took me about 5 minutes to type this much! And in addition to slow typing I can't upload pictures from my camera either. And everyone knows no pictures=boring post. :)

Josh has been in Canada, Vancouver to be exact, for the last 5 days. He's at some doctor conference presenting research he's been working on. Hence the reason I have no computer. He needed it so he could study for boards while he is gone. They are coming up in a few short weeks. He needs to get a good score so he can get the residency he wants. So it's kinda a big deal. Also him being at this conference presenting research will be SO good for his "resume" for getting residency too. So even though it stinks he is gone, we are glad for this opportunity.

Oh, I just got a text from him, he's back in the US! Yay! He comes home tonight late. Finally. Well, I'm going to go. This much took forever! Next post will be less boring, I promise. :)