Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I've lost my blogging mojo.

I don't feel like blogging. 

I have plenty of ideas.

But I don't blog.

Has this happened to any of you before?  Any advice for me?


Here are some pictures of my little sweetums so we don't end on a terribly dull note. :)

At least I'm smiling now!


Brianna said...

I'm with ya! Well... maybe not about the idea thing, but about motivation to think about them! I'm not too worried about it and I don't have any advice.. LOL Sorry this isn't a very helpful comment at all :)

The Daytons said...

Jenna! I'm totally in one right now. I know I'm not a craft blogger but I still feel the need to document my family blog if not for my sake for the boys when they are older and yet I get in these lulls every few months! I don't have advice, but I wanted you to know I feel your pain. And, I guess maybe the only wisdom I could give is that I know lots of people love reading your blog and seeing your wonderful ideas so think of them:)

Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

Please don't stop. I don't blog often, but I certainly check them all the time. I love checking what cute stuff you're up to!! :)

Shelley said...

Yes, yes, and yes!! It happens to me pretty often actually. I used to stress about it but now I just blog when I feel like it and if I lose followers then they didn't really care for me anyway! Haha. Just blog whenever you feel up to it!

Angelyn said...

As soon as I went through the effort to change my blog up, I lost my mojo as well. Oh well! Just keep posting pictures of Grayson until it comes back =D

Lauren said...

LOVE the very top picture of Grayson!!!! What a cutie pie!
(This is Grandy, not Lauren)
I am on her lap top!

Cari Marino said...

Jenna! You are a craft and blog queen! Find something, do something, make yourself blog!! Take a step back and look at what is really going on around you so you can find something to blog about. If so, I can come over and we can do something together to MAKE you blog :) LOL Or maybe you just need to get out of the house and do something fun :) Let me know if I can help!!