Tuesday, May 31, 2011

9 Months and So Sweet

I have some sweet things to share with you, woo-hoo!

First, look at my little 9 month old boy!  I can't believe he's getting close to being 1 year old. Cah-razy!  

Grayson is such a sweet little guy.  He smiles all the time and at everyone.  Anyone who looks at him he will smile at.  And if they talk to him, oh boy does he smile big!  He likes everyone and still doesn't show a preference for me or Josh or anyone.  He's never been upset when I drop him off at the kids' corner at the gym or to a baby-sitter.  He's just happy to be wherever with whoever.  No stranger danger for this guy.   Hmmm... could be a bad thing.

My little Gray baby is getting so good at walking with his push toys.  Grandy got him a really cool one when she and Papa were visiting.  Downstairs is all laminate flooring and he couldn't keep up with the push toy at first because it went too fast on the hard floor.  But it didn't take him long to get the hang of it.  He walks along all the furniture and anything else he can pull up on. He also has stood up a couple times without holding on for like a second or 2!

{first time swinging at the park!}

Gray is eating more solid foods and LOVES his puffs.  He will eat those babies all day.  When he won't eat his baby food, he'll eat puffs.  I think he really likes the independence of being able to feed himself.  It's so cute to watch him picking up the puffs and put them in his mouth.  Ok, it doesn't sound cute, but it is.  At least to this momma!

When we are hanging out upstairs we have to make sure to close the doors of whatever room we are in.  As soon as Grayson sees an open door, he makes a beeline for it crawling as fast as he can.  Then he goes straight for the stairs.  Giggling the whole way.  He knows we'll chase after him.  He thinks it's a game.  We are just trying to save him from falling down the stairs.  He would go headfirst down without a second thought!

Luckily now, Grayson will stop and look when we say his name usually.  So if he's crawling to the stairs and we yell, "Grayson," he'll stop for a second and look.  Wonder how long that will last.  He also LOVES to pull the plugs out of the wall.  He will look over at us right before he tries because he knows he's not supposed to.  We'll tell him no and he'll stop for a sec.  He'll do that few more times, but he always stops when we tell him to.  Then he finally gives up and crawls somewhere else.  What a good boy!

So this morning Grayson fell asleep in his bouncer while I was downstairs cleaning up.  He was laying down normally. Then I heard him cry for a couple seconds and then stop.  When I went back to check on him, this is what I found.
 Yep, he is fast asleep.  I couldn't believe he could sleep like that!  He must have sat up when he woke up and cried for a few seconds and then fell right back asleep without laying back.  Haha, what a funny little guy.

 Don't worry.  I didn't leave him like that.  I gently moved him to lie on his back and he didn't even wake up!  Phew!  He did have a nice red mark on his cheek from where he was laying on the bouncer

What a sweetie pie.

I love this little guy to pieces!


Julie said...

ahhh!! thanks for the post, I cant WAIT to play with him in a month!!!!

Grace said...

what a CUTIE PIE he is!!! :)

Amber said...

Those pictures in the bouncy seat are too much! He must be very flexible. He is such a sweet little guy!

angela said...

I think his bath time picture looks like Drew. I can't believe he's already 9 months! Darling.

Betsey Rhames said...

He looks a little like Jackson to me - I guess he got some Reynolds family genes after all!

The Daytons said...

What a cutie patootie(sp?)! I can't wait to meet him in a few weeks. You should bring his little gray matching vest! I think I'm going to have Owen and Benson wear theirs and then we could take a matching picture:) And, thanks for the nail tip, I'm so excited to try it! Oh and so excited you are on Pin it as well!