Monday, February 14, 2011

It's a Love Story {Part 1}

For the week of Valentine's Day, I thought it would be fun to share the story of how my hubby and I met and started dating to getting engaged.  My friend Amanda did a similar post, so I'm totally copying her.  Thanks for the idea!

So Josh and I met my junior year at BYU in Fall semester of 2006.  My apartment and his apartment were in the same FHE {Family Home Evening} group.  After that first FHE my roommates and I decided that we liked these guys and wanted to become friends with them.  They were nice and seemed like fun guys.  But nope, it wasn't love at first sight!

{This, and the other pics, are all after we started dating.}  
This is at a BYU football game with some of the people from our apartments.  Josh and I are in the bottom center. Yeah, I was a red head for a year or two in college.

So my apartment proceeded to befriend them and it worked out perfect!  We got along great and our apartments became really great friends.  Josh and Joey were even my home teachers!  Still no love though.  In fact, towards the end of Fall semester Josh started dating my roommate.  They dated somewhere between 1-2 months and then broke up amicably.  Yes, for real.  It was friendly.  They just weren't meant to be.  Looking back, it's so weird for me to think about it, because they just seem so different and not right...  Josh is amazing,  and my roommate is too, but just not together.  And my roommate and I couldn't be more different!  Anyways, they both stopped liking each other {to my understanding} and broke up in agreement and stayed friends.  Yes people, it can happen!  Josh told me later, he really didn't want to avoid her because he wanted to stay friends with the rest of us too.  So he and his roommates continued to hang out with us and great times ensued.

Oh yeah, I also had a boyfriend a good part of that semester... almost forgot, haha.  I worked as well, as a waitress at Pizza Factory. {Loved that job}  So with my job which was working mostly nights since I was in school during the day and boyfriend {who wasn't in the apartment complex, I met him at work} I didn't get to know Josh or the other guys as quickly as my roomies.   I still hung out with them and thought they were all great!   Josh told me later I was the last one he got to know in my apartment because of my job and boyfriends {yeah, there's another coming!}

On a date {2007} at The Mayan.

So next semester, Winter 2007.  Josh was single and I was single, but not for long.  I started dating another guy sometime in February.  And I was still working.  But, more time had passed and I was getting to know these guys better and better.  Seriously, the whole lot of them are AWESOME guys!  For reals.  I loved all of them.  {you know, the friend love}  They are actually all married now, except for one, but he's engaged, so that's pretty close.  Anyways, of all my years at BYU, these guys were by far my favorite apartment of guys that we became friends with.  We hung out all the time, played pranks occasionally, had weekly game nights with some intensely competitive Disney Scene It girls vs. boys, and lots of other great stuff. 

Anyways, so I had this boyfriend for a couple months and he was very nice and a great guy.  Sometime in the last month of the semester {April 2007} Josh and I began to get to know each other a little better.  I don't know if I was working less or just slowly but surely it happened or what, but I liked him {not like like yet} and had fun hanging out with him.  I'm not sure exactly ow it started, but we began texting a little, hanging out more with each other or smaller groups {versus the whole group of our 2 apartments- 11 people}, and eventually flirting some.  I found myself excited to see him and trying to sit next to him when possible.  I still had this boyfriend, and I liked him!  Every time I was with him, I had fun and told myself I was not being a good person by flirting with Josh.  I had to stop!  He was a good boyfriend, why ruin a good thing?  But I still found myself thinking about Josh and caring what he thought and hoping he liked me.  Although, it took me awhile to admit I liked {yes like liked} him too. 

Murder Mystery Date {I think...}

Some specific things I remember are:
One day I was hanging out with one of my roommates and Josh was over with us too.  I had to work on my boyfriend's birthday cake because his party was later.  I got up to go make it and Josh came in to help me.  I remember thinking it was kinda weird since I thought he might like me and I might like him, but I had fun making Boyfriend's cake with Josh. :)

Walking to Boyfriend's house I was quietly talking to myself outloud, "You do NOT like Josh, you like Boyfriend.  He hasn't done anything wrong.  Stop thinking about Josh!"

On a Sunday morning my apartment walked into church and saw the guys had saved us seats in a funny way.  They were sitting like this- boy, empty seat, boy, empty seat, etc...   I was up front in our group walking down to the seats and I knew if I stayed there, I wouldn't be sitting next to Josh.  So I stopped to say something to one of my roomies and let a couple people pass me.  Perfect!  I was then in the right order to be able to sit next to Josh.  Score!

On a weekly game night with Josh's apartment Boyfriend came over.  I begged him to, because he didn't really like games much, but I love them.  I tried stuff he loved {skateboarding} because I liked him and I thought he should have have fun with me even if games weren't his favorite.  Well, he was being quiet and just sitting there the whole time {not like him} so I knew he wasn't even trying.  He finally got up to leave and the game wasn't even over.  I walked him out but was upset that he wouldn't even try.  I came back and wasn't into the rest of the game.  When the guys left, I remember saying bye to Josh and him asking if I was ok.  I said yeah, but I wasn't smiling.  A little bit later Josh texted me asking again if I was ok and saying he hated to see me sad and something about him referring to me as his "Disney Princess"  That's when I knew KNEW he liked me.  And I loved how sweet and caring he was about me.  Boyfriend hadn't even cared he made me sad.

To  Be Continued...


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Ooooh! I totally remember all of this:) Yay! So cute and what a fun idea! I'll be reading all week!

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Aw cute! So fun to read about! Put a smile on my face :)