Saturday, February 19, 2011

Organizing Challenge- Day 11 & 21

So I haven't posted one of these in awhile, but I'm still on an organizing spree. And I love it!

Day 11- The Freezer
I did the freezer awhile ago.  I forgot to take a before picture, but just imagine everything thrown in there with no shelf or container, k? K.

{I can't get this pic to center...grrr}
 So see the ice cube tray and holder thing on the left?  I got it from The Container Store and I LOVE it.  You freeze the ice, then dump it in the container underneath, and then fill it up to freeze some more.  It's perfect since we don't have a fancy schmancy ice machine.  Also the tray you freeze the ice in has a lid, so you can put stuff on top of it without getting things in/on your ice.

I also got the small shelf in the middle and the basket on the right from The Container Store.  They are perfect for helping me to organize the freezer.  With the shelf I can get to things on the bottom without having to take everything out that's on top.  So handy, seriously.  And the basket just helps corral some stuff that doesn't really lay nice and flat and/or stack well. {like my freezer meals all stacked in the middle}

Nothing much too special with the door, it's just more organized now. :)

Day 21- Your Choice

I chose to organize 2 of my kitchen drawers recently.

I DID remember the before shots this time!

Before and After
I was able to get of rid of some things and put others in a new {better} home. A few went in this next drawer.  I like how I can see everything now and don't have to dig around to find what I need.    
{The second picture is what was under the cutting boards you see on the left}

 I moved the cutting boards into the empty slot of my pot/pan lid holder under a cabinet.  A MUCH better solution.  Now I can get to the stuff without lifting up the cutting boards every time.  And the cutting boards are just as easy to get to in their new spot.  I was so glad I discovered a better solution for this drawer!

This drawer also has the utensils we don't use very often, but still need.  Like potato masher, cookie scoops, icing spreader thing, etc.  And I don't know if you can tell, but there is a little container in the upper left corner that holds the Green Bags and birthday candles.  Perfect so they're not strewn around everywhere like before!

One more side by side Before and After!

I didn't think these drawers were too bad before.  Until I emptied them out and found better storage solutions.  I'm so happy with them now!


Ree said...

Coming over from Tatertots & Jello!

Great job, Jenna! I need to clean out and reorganize my freezer SO BADLY!