Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's a Love Story {Part 5}

 Recap- Josh and I just said goodbye in D.C. for 3 more weeks of being apart.

So back to more texts, FB messages, and phone calls.  But this time there was an end in sight, and 3 weeks seemed like nothing compared to the long 3 month summer we'd just gone through.

Here's some more FB messages :)

{Warning- they get a lot more mushy gushy!}

Jenna Reynolds 26 July 2007 at 21:09
Ahh, I didn't think you'd even have a chance to write me back so early so I didn't check cause then I'd get my hopes up and so I waited till now when I was sure you were home and had time probably... Anyways, yay for the lab again! hope it was super fun. well, you must be way tired cause you've been running through my mind all day. hahaha, itsn't that great?! It's true and I remembered that lovely line and thought- perfect. I am crazy- just crazy (i think i had a lot of sugar) But seriously, you have been in my mind all day- my thoughts always just seem to drift to you. Ok- back to Con't Forget the Lyrics with my family! it's a pretty good show :) I'll be thinkin of you. 
Josh Reynolds 26 July 2007 at 22:19  
haha. i dont think i'd like you so dang much if you werent so dang corny. you are the most perfect girl in the world. if i were to imagine a more perfect girl it wouldnt work cuz i couldnt make her better than you. you are a blessing from the gods. i hope the show is as good as you hope. i watched it once. i liked it but it jsut took so long for them to actually get to the point and show if they were right or wrong. the jsut kept drawing it out and it drove me a bit crazy. but i liked the concept of the show and watching them sing and stuff. well. ill just keep thinking of you here in my parts. you have no idea how hard you make it to be away from you. very hard. thats how hard.

Jenna Reynolds 26 July 2007 at 23:46
Haha, boy you make me laugh! If I wasn't so dang corny?! lol, I can think of someone else just as if not more corny than me... you! haha, but I love it! And the show was good, we like it. I'm talkin with gracie right now on gmail chat. It's fun, i've never done it before. we were talking about you and I was tellin her how cute you are. I guess I should get to bed kinda soon since I have to wake up in the morning for work. man, I wish you weren't in Utah right now! A thousand miles seems pretty far...
Josh Reynolds 26 July 2007 at 23:56  
OH FINALLY. i have been checking incessantly hoping that you had written me. and i'm so glad you did. talkin to gracie about me huh. does she support our rogue romance. we have crossed the 15 26 line of friendship to form a much more intense line of passion. i bet she agrees with you that i am way cute. if she does. she sure as heck better or i will be hurt and thus will have to hurt her. haha. just kidding. sleep well then if you are going to bed. have a fabulous day tomorrow. 
Jenna Reynolds 27 July 2007 at 00:01
Whoa! that was fast! I haven't even gone to bed yet. Don't worry, she does in fact support our rogue romance as you call it, haha. she's happy if I'm happy. And I am... happy that it, very happy, that's how happy. imagine how happy I'll be when I get to see you again and be in the same state?!!? Crazy happy, that's what, just ecstatic.
Josh Reynolds 27 July 2007 at 00:40  
if your happiness is but a shadow of mine then it would eclipse the entire earth. thats how happy i will be when i get to be with you again. i was trying to check to get your response quickly but my computer is gay sometimes. like it enjoys the company of other male computers. its sick i know. all i hope is that you will be in my dreams. i wish i had more control over that. just remember that there is someone who thinks you are the most beautiful and wonderful girl ever.
 ok OK, enough of that!

That's basically how the next 3 weeks went.  

When I flew back to Utah in August, Josh was waiting for me at the airport.  I was super excited and super nervous at the same time.  What would happen now?  What would it be like now that we could go out and be in the same room like normal couples???  I remember my heart pounding as I was walking through the airport just waiting to see him.  

I finally saw him and was so incredibly happy and relieved {that summer was over}!  We talked constantly on the car ride back to Provo.  It was so nice talking in person.  Towards the end of the ride, he asked me to be his girlfriend {*awwwww*} and of course I said yes. 

Soon after I was back, it was my 22nd birthday.  My friends and Josh planned a surprise birthday dinner and it was so fun.  It was good to hang out with each other {our 2 apartments} again.  
 Then later Josh gave me my present and it was the best. present. ever.  He drew a picture for me and got us tickets to go see Wicked in LA!  AMAZING!  I'd been dying to see Wicked for a long time.  It was perfect.  We were going to California after I walked for graduation and before the Fall semester started.  I was super excited.  It turned out to be our 2nd date.  {Pretty good for a 2nd date, huh?}  Our first date was also in California.  We went to Balboa Pier, walked around, had a yummy dessert, and had a great first date.  I also met his family for the first time {since we were at his house, duh}.  I liked them all right away too!

Rather than drag this story on even more... We contined to date for the next 6 months.  On our 6 month anniversary, February 13 {the day before Valentine's Day}  he proposed and I said yes!

We got married on June 7, 2008 in the Orlando Florida Temple.  It was a perfect day.

 So after the long start we had, everything worked out perfect.  Even better than I could have imagined.  I had found the man I want to spend eternity with!

In August 2010 we added this little guy to our family. :)  

We are currently living happily ever after... and it's just the beginning.


Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Oh my gosh Jenna! You two are adorable and I love that you have all your facebook messages from when you two were dating, even if they may have made me gag a little;) Ha ha ha! You have a gorgeous family.

Rick and Kori said...

I loved reading your whole love story! So sweet! It makes me think back on my whole story with my hubbie and makes me fall even more in love with him :) Thanks for sharing!!