Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's a Love Story {Part 3}

Read Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them!

Recap- I just said goodbye to Josh and was going to catch my flight home to Florida for the summer.

I was sad because I knew that this just the very start of something that could be wonderful... but I wouldn't know for awhile if things would actually work between us.  I knew I liked him and we had fun together and I thought he was so cute... but we hadn't even been on an actual date.  4 months is a LONG time to wait to go on a date with someone you like.  {I know I said earlier it would only be 3 months till I saw him, and it will, just wait} A lot could happen between then.  I'm not going to lie, I was worried!  I was worried that he would meet another girl and start dating her and then things would be over between us before they even started.  I mean he was still at BYU with a ton of pretty girls everywhere and everyone else dating around him.  Meanwhile I was home in a tiny town where there was no one {LDS} to date and a lot of time to think about Josh.  Not that I wanted to date someone else, but even if I did, I couldn't.  He could.  Ughhh, it made me crazy just to think about.

We started texting each other right away.  Oh thank goodness for technology!  It made me smile every time I got a text from him.  I wasn't home for long before we started sending facebook messages to each other daily.  He also started calling me on the phone within a couple days.  I later found out my roommates had pounced on him for the details of us because I hadn't told them anything.  I'd had Boyfriend and I didn't really know what was going on myself.  Anyways, the next day after he dropped me off he told them about our night and they told him he needed to call me.  Not just text.  So he did.  Thanks roomies, great advice!  Josh told me later he wanted to call but he wasn't sure... he just needed that extra push from them.  So the summer began with texts, FB messges, and frequent phone conversations.  I thought about him all the time!  I began to like him more and more as we talked about anything and everything.  We'd talk for hours.  You know how it is, in the beginning, you can talk forever about nothing!  It was great.

Here is a sample of a couple of our FB messages from the first day we messaged each other.
Josh Reynolds 05 May 2007 at 14:11
haha. you can only imagine what time i got up at. ill give you a hint. it was some where between 11 29 and 11 31. haha. what a sleep. i'm glad you had fun. if you did. atleast enjoy your nap if nothing else. 
Josh Reynolds 05 May 2007 at 22:17  
how has your day been? i hope you have had a great time thus far. i hope your nap was satisfactory. i slept a ton and dont have church until 12 20 tomorrow so i will get a lot more where that came from. how was sandy's graduation? just lettin you know that your on my mind. you know... 
Jenna Reynolds 05 May 2007 at 23:05
Wow, 2 messages at once! YESSSS... :) My day has been fun. I didn't really nap, just laid down for a bit. You're right, you are gonna get alot of sleep! No fair! I have church at 10. The grad party was fun. Guess what?! I got to play Disney scene-it! I was hands down the best one there... I'm just saying. It says you're online now, so I bet you'll get this soon... I hate not being able to text! miss ya! XO
Josh Reynolds 06 May 2007 at 01:12
you re probably in bed now. we were watching the three amigos in the courtyard and i left my computer on. i'm glad you had such a great day. did it feel like you were back in high school going to grad parties. or was it a college graduation? if it was high school you were probably the oldest one there. and the most attractive. how can i tell if you are online right now too? miss you also. XoxO

{Newport Beach in California}

So earlier I mentioned we'd see each other in 3 months.  That wasn't because I was going back to Utah, it was for a wedding.  My roommate Brienne was marrying Josh's roommate Ryan on July 20. {Thanks Brie}  And we and almost all our other roommates were flying to D.C. for the wedding.  I was super excited for Brienne and knowing I would see Josh there just made me crazy with anticipation.  We'd been talking for awhile now and our feelings for each other were growing. 

I've been thinking how to go on telling the story of summer.  It's like I said- texts, FB messages, and phone calls.  I can't think of many specifics, so I'll just copy and paste some of our old FB messages from back then. :)  I already did some from May, so here are some from June-

Josh Reynolds 16 June 2007 at 03:08
aww Jenna bean. you make me miss you so much. my night was so so. and all that. tomorrow looks like it will be pretty busy again with reviews and needing to finish some practice sheets for my pe classes and a ward activity and what not. do you work tomorrow. are we ever going to get to talk? i cant wait for this semester to be over. then i wont have to worry about all this. xoxo 
Josh Reynolds 16 June 2007 at 03:10
Josh Reynolds 16 June 2007 at 03:10
Josh Reynolds 16 June 2007 at 03:10
Jenna Reynolds 16 June 2007 at 08:55
Oh Josh, you're too cute :) Sounds like you have a busy busy day again. I'm going tubing down Rainbow River with the young single adults today. I'm excited! It's something me and Kimmy planned :) And I don't work. So, my day is going to be laid back and fun, which is good! I can totally talk to you today or pretty much any day for that matter (except yesterday) It's up to you- you're the busy one. It's ok though, I understand busy, I still remember school. And spring/summer can be extra stressful sometimes cause it's so fast and they pack stuff in. Anyways, I gotta go. But guess what? ?I have a secret... I like you. Alot. (oh wait, you might have known that...hmmm, oh well, it's still true) :D
Josh Reynolds 16 June 2007 at 10:51  
Jenna, you are absolutely, fabulously, phenomenology spectacular. have a fun day at the river with the institute gang. it sounds like a rip snortin good time.

 {beach at night in Cali}

And here is July, like the couple days before we saw each other again in D.C.
Josh Reynolds 15 July 2007 at 17:52
you are so sneaky arent you. using all mediums to back me into a corner. so its true, i am excited to see you. so i bet your talk went real well. im confident that they loved you. there's no reason i can think of why someone wouldnt. just ask *kyle. 
{*Kyle was a guy at my work who liked me. And no, I didn't like him.}
Jenna Reynolds 16 July 2007 at 02:02
Yeah, well I like to think of it as clever. My talk went ok I think, I was real nervous. But lots of people said I did a good job and one lady wanted my notes. It was sweet, she wanted all the scriptures I used and everything, so I just gave her my whole talk since it was saved on my computer. Kyle huh? Well, I just hope I only have to worry about *bhg as much as you should about kyle. nighty night 
{*bhg was my code name for a girl that Josh went with on a group date once that semester, so I of course hated her.  I actually knew her too.  Bhg stood for big haired girl.  Grace, Karie, Brie do you know what that is? :) I'm fairly certain that was the only date with her, right honey?}
Josh Reynolds 17 July 2007 at 02:39  
haha. i dont think you have anything to worry about, probably... did that probably make you nervous. haha. dont worry you have nothing to worry about. and you dont give yourself enough credit. i bet your talk was amazing. i know that it was because it was prepared by you, who is amazing. i hope you keep having great days and being in great moods. xoxoxoxoxoxo

 {Thanksgiving 2007 at his house in Cali proudly showing off our gingerbread house}

Ok, so now we are up to the wedding in D.C., where I finally see Josh, which is a BIG story!  So be excited...


To be continued...


The Daytons said...

JULY 20th was the night you, well you know, outside Ashley's parents house on the porch, hehehe! I guess it is easy to remember since it was my wedding night! Yay! I can't wait for tomorrow and I do know who bhg is, I love this story by the way! Also, I'm pretty sure that was the only time he went out with bhg and also I know you had nothing to worry about since all Ryan and I would hear about was you all summer!

Grace said...

ahhh i wasn't there as you know...but i have a guess?? how have i forgotten both bf #1 and this?! old age i suppose. my guess is it's someone we knew from before? and i was humiliated a little by something having to do with this same bhg? (not her fault...but do you know what i'm talking about? hehe this was my only clue i could think of that not many would know...)text me the answer!!!