Friday, February 18, 2011

Some Thrifty Finds

I have to start off saying SORRY!  I'm not finishing the Love Story today... I just got busy busy doing things and running errands.  And now I don't feel like sitting down and typing a big ol' post.  So it'll have to wait until tomorrow.  But that's ok, it's just adding to the anticipation!

So one of things I did today was to check out Lexington's Habitat for Humanity ReStore store.  I'd read about it on other people's crafty and/or decor blogs and they'd found some sweet things.  I checked online and discovered Lexington has 2 of these stores.  Sa-weet!  I went to one of them today.  Here's what I scored!

 This sweet, little {possibly} vintage or at least vintage-inspired dish.

 It was only $3.50!

I put it in my kitchen and it's currently holding my washcloths.

And this cute little basket for $3.   

I don't know if you know, but baskets can be a little expensive.  They definitely aren't the cheapest option for a container.  But $3 is a steal!  And I knew just what to do with it. 

See this Christmas bowl?  I got it at Hobby Lobby in December.  It was for a dinner thing, and then it got put on the microwave to hold Gray's bottles. 

But Christmas is no longer appropriate for my kitchen decor, haha.  I knew the basket would be the answer.

Much better!


Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

Great finds Jenna! I love that you use a basket for bottles...I have one for bibs and cloth napkins right next to the highchair.