Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ooohing and Ahhhing

My family was SO excited that Josh and I were coming down their way for Thanksgiving break.  Let me clarify a little bit.  They were SO excited we were coming because that meant Grayson would be coming!

Grayson is the first grandchild for my parents.  I have 3 sisters and they adore their nephew.  Grayson didn't have to cry much at all before someone was qucikly to his side to rescue him.  He {and Josh and I} had a great Thanksgiving break!

Here are a few photos of everyone loving on him!

                                Grandpa and "his boy"                                                 "Grandma loves me!"

Auntie Kyla

 such a good aunt! (she was singing him to sleep here)

 Aunt Holly

                                       Uncle Bryan                                                     Oooh, big smiles for him!

 soon-to-be Uncle Camilo 
{welcome to the family!}

 Uncle Camilo and Auntie Annalyn 
(Angelyn acually, I just call her Annalyn)

Happy to see Daddy!

We love our little Button too!
{oh look, I'm actually in a picture, pretty much I'm the one always taking them}

Now that it's December, on to some Christmas decorating and crafting.  I can hardly wait!


Amber said...

Grayson is such a smiley guy! What a cutie!

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

Grayson is soooooooooo cute! And I LOVE that name! It's actually at the top pf my list for a future baby! {my hubby's middle name is gray}

You blog is soooo adorable!