Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where Dreams Come True

Josh and I were fortunate enough to participate in Disney's Give A Day Get A Day this year.  It was this program where you could spend a day volunteering and then get a free ticket to any Disney park for the day of your choice this year.  When I first heard about this opportunity I jumped on it!  The website for the program said it was going all year long but I just had a feeling that the sooner we did it the better.  It felt like a "too good to be true" thing to me.  It turned out to be a good idea!  By March/April (I can't remember exactly) they announced that the program was ending because they'd hit their limit on number of free tickets to give out.  (Which was never mentioned, it just said it was for the whole year originally.) So anyways, the point is it was a good thing I made sure we did our volunteering at the beginning of the year!

The free tickets could be used (almost) any day of this year and we chose to go over Thanksgiving break when we'd be in Florida visiting my family.  Also, the grandparents could watch Grayson while Josh and I went. 

The last time we were at Disney World was on our honeymoon two and a half years ago. 

When were at Disney World for our honeymoon we went to each park for a day.  The day we went to Hollywood Studios (used to be MGM) it rained and we didn't stay the whole day, so there were some things we missed.  That is why we chose to go there for our day at Disney this year. 

Here we are riding the tram on the way into the park.

We saw a lot of cool props from movies on the Back Lot Tour.
(Recognize this Grace?!? It's the chicken coop from the Hannah Montana movie! Yes, I heart Hannah Montana)

We were on the ride when we passed this sign from one of my most recent FAVORITE movies.  Anyone know the movie?!?  Amber? :)

"Singing in the rain, just singing in the rain. What a glorious feeling I'm happy again."
 (This a secret of Disney.  When you step on a certain square on the ground, water comes down from above like it's raining!  Sadly, it wasn't on when were there.  I think it was because of all the Christmas lights that were up.)

The Christmas lights were amazing!  They had them timed to songs and it was so cool.

This is where we ate our late lunch/early dinner.  (Disney is expensive!  We couldn't eat 2 big meals there.) It was a fun place to eat though.

You can't tell, but this is the dinosaur ice cream place where we had some ice cream on our honeymoon.  We told the guy taking our picture to get the dinosaur behind us, but he cut of the head and you can't really see the dinosaur very well.  

Oh I love Disney World SO much!  It's such a magical, beautiful, wonderful place! 

I can't wait to go again.


Noel Dickens said...

So fun!!! I'm glad you guys were able to enjoy a day at Disney World (baby free is a definite plus). Welcome to Sitka...the Propopsal! Just love that movie!

Noel Dickens said...

By the way, this is Amber. Not Noel. Oops.

Jenni said...

SOOO fun! I'm jealous! You guys look like you had tons of fun!

Grace said...

Haha awww I miss watching teeny bopper movies with you!!! That is so cool you got to see that! Fun trip! :)

Shelley said...

Looks like so much fun!! You guys look great!!

Bemily said...

How fun! I am in love with Disneyland and haven't been to Disneyworld! I think we should all go next year! :)