Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Decor and a Winner!

So December is already half way over, but here are some pictures of our home all  decorated for Christmas!

A nice, messy before shot

And after

 That's not all of it, but most of it.

Oh yeah, remember my fall wreath?  Well, I made a winter one.  My friend Ashley wanted to learn how to make them.  So I decided I would do one too and we could make them together.  My last wreath I made all the flowers the same size.  This time I did all different sizes- small, medium, and large.  I like the way it turned out.  I was inspired from this wreath here

Here's mine!

One last thing before I announce the winner...

Grayson's 3 month pictures!!!

 Oh I love him.

Without further ado... the winner of the diaper clutch is 

Comment #15
Congrats Gracie, love ya!

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Grace said...

Cute Jenna!! Both the decorations and little Grayson! I especially love your Winter wreath and the JOY blocks you have up!! Did you make those? I really want to make some but am a little seems like advanced crafting to me lol.

Ellen said...

Wow, love the wreath! I love seeing others wreaths like mine!